winter hymnal

So…I LOVE music. ♫♫♫. Not many people don’t so I want to share with you the website I go to to listen to music no matter what my mood. Its called 8tracks (for all of you college kids, they are what came from that hiatus was on).  The site is a handcrafted radio network and is a great alternative to Pandora.

When you go to the site, you can choose tags based on what music you want to listen to and then select one of the pre-made playlists that have been compiled by the site’s members. If you create an account, you can “❤” playlists so that they are saved for the next time you get on. You can also create your own mixes for personal or others’ enjoyment. I created one yesterday…it’s called “winter hymnal” and you can listen to it by clicking on the image below:

I’ve already had a good amount of likes and plays- I hope you like it too! Enjoy ♬

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