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what a stud

Keeping up with this fall’s trends from one of my favorite online stores….



Suede Studded Clutch ♦ River Island Velvet Stud Slipper Shoes ♦ Suede Studded Shopper ♦ Spike Stud Earrings ♦ Leather All Over Stud Gloves ♦ Frosacc Studded Shoe Boots ♦ Suede Studded Backpack ♦ Dome Stud Clutch


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etsy obsessed

Since I’ve moved into my new apartment in the Queen City, I have found myself craving decorations from the popular craft-sharing site Etsy. There is just something so unique about purchasing something from a real person that you can interact with during your transaction. I thought I’d share some of my most recent favorites on the site. Enjoy!

<< Check out my Etsy favorites >>

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Coriumi Green






via Etsy ◈

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Tomorrow I will be heading out of the country for vacation with my family! We are visiting Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti and Grand Cayman and I could not be anymore excited. Here are some pics and links from around the web to keep you occupied while I am gone…

Ginger Campari Slushies

I'm Outta Here


Custom Luggage Tags



*Click images for sources*

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every which way

So tomorrow I will be graduating from the University of South Carolina. Wait, what? Tomorrow? I can’t believe that this phase of my life is coming to an end. I’ve had such a great time in college, and have learned so so much. I truly believe that I have grown as a person and professional during these last 4 years and can’t say I have too many regrets!

I will be sure to post pictures after the ceremonies and festivities! Until then…time to decide which job opportunity I want to accept! Where will I end up?

Where will I end up?

Necklace // Ring // Earrings // Bracelet // Cord Necklace // Silver Ring // Shorts


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gift ideas | mother’s day | anthropologie

There are so many great things at Anthropologie that would be great presents for the wonderful Mothers out there! Here is Round 2 of Mother’s Day present ideas…all from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Mother's Day Gift Set

Angelfish Plate • Kapolei Dessert Plate • Brush Flick Birdhouse • Sari Throw • Tapestry Bubble Can Tin • Alphabet Stamp Set • A Real Hoot Canister

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gift ideas | mother’s day | etsy

Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks! Unfortunately I will be in Peru for this Mother’s Day, but I have something great planned that I ordered for my sisters to give my Mom while I’m gone. Here are some great ideas for all the great mothers out there- all taken from Etsy.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Elvish Twine Ring • Infinity Necklace • Custom Address Stamps • Coupon Book • Family Tree Print • Lotus Flower

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color love | coral and teal


Essie Carousel Coral ★ Aladdin Revive & Refresh Bottle ★ Corallum Collection Pillow by Thomas Paul ★ Floral Coral Drop Earrings ★ Cole Haan – Air Colton Casual Wing Tip Bombay Collection New Zealand Wool Area Rug ★ Free People Scalloped Lace Shorts

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flower power ⁕

Flower Power

Umbrella  ⁕ Tee ⁕ Capris ⁕ Earrings ⁕ Brooch ⁕ Pillow ⁕ Pushpins ⁕ Shower Curtain

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