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so thankful!

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the pond market


From Ana Maria over at The Pond Market

Post inspired by D E S I G N L O V E F E S T

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big 2-2!

Today I turn 22!

It has been such a great year and I am excited to see what this one holds. In this next year I will be graduating from college, starting my first real full time job (well, looking for it at least), and travelling! So far today my mother took me to lunch at Mediterranean Tea Room on Devine Street and now I am about to go get coffee with my boyfriend David. Tonight I am getting together with my friends for trivia and fun! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!

Love, the newly turned 22-year-old <3

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As I grow older, my Christmas list is including more items that promote self improvement and productivity rather than entertainment. This Christmas, I was blessed to receive presents that will help me improve the quality of my photography and design work.

{camera lens | wi-fi harddrive | bamboo capture tablet | photoshop lightroom 3}

I also received gifts for my apartment and pantry…

{apple remote | lara bars | CHI mini straightener | victorinox knives set}

…some DVDs…

{harry potter complete collection | bridesmaids}

…and beautiful jewelry and clothing! My father gave the girls in the family (3 daughters + wife) beautiful peridot rings. Peridot is the birthstone for August, which is our last name. So clever!

Moving from the materialistic side of the holiday season, my family has many traditions that we partake in during this cheerful time of the year. The season usually begins with a Hanukkah celebration (my Father is Jewish). This year we skyped our Uncle Ben and he did the blessing of the Menorah as we lite the 4th candle.

We then had a delicious meal of brisket, collards, latkes, and pie for dessert!

On Christmas Eve, it is our tradition to cook a gigantic meal, get dressed up, go to Mass, then get into our pajamas and ride around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights.

On Christmas morning after opening our presents, we drive down to beautiful Charleston, SC and eat at the delectable Charleston Place.

For New Years we are going to be having our annual oyster roast and ringing in 2012 with family and best friends.

What did you all receive for Christmas? What are your family/friend traditions?

Happy Holidays xo

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warm apple cider and spiced rum

Happy Halloweekend!

In celebration of beginning of Fall and the eve of All Hallows Day, I’ve been eating and drinking and thinking all things pumpkin and cider. Last night, I had some friends over and we enjoyed some warm apple cider, a pinch of cinnamon and spiced rum. To make it all we did was mix the ingredients together in a saucepan and heat until it reached the desired temperature. It was a perfect drink to enjoy after enduring the freezing rain that comes along with the change of season.

Next on the list for today is to carve some pumpkins and then make some fresh pumpkin puree from scratch. With the pumpkin puree we are going to make pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin butter. Yum!

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dinosaur birthday & taste of charleston

This past weekend was a blast. Sunday was one of my oldest friend Kelley’s 22nd birthday, so to celebrate being old she had a “DINO-mite” birthday party. We found some goofy dinosaur hats at Dollar Tree and put on our meanest faces and acted like dinosaurs all night (whatever that even means). It was immature and definitely a lot of fun. Below are two pictures from that night. The other girls in the pictures are my other great friends Niki and Megan.

The next day, my boyfriend David and I made the trek to the beautiful Charleston, SC to do a review of Southern Living’s Taste of Charleston out at Boone Hall Plantation for our blog Capital City Eatz. Here is a pic of the Ravenel Bridge taken on the way there…

You can find a full review of the event on our site (up sometime this week) but in the meantime, here is a short recap. The event was essentially a food festival. All of the best restaurants from around Charleston set up booths and offered samples of their greatest meals. Everything was DELICIOUS. I could not believe I had not been to the festival before this year.

We also got introduced to some amazing people, including Jennifer Z from Time, Inc. and the hilarious Christy Jordan from Southern Living and author of the blog and cookbook Southern Plate. Christy even forced me to do the “YMCA” on stage with her and her staff!

I highly recommend everyone reading this to try and attend the event next year. You (+ your stomach) will not be disappointed!

This weekend I am going to the Isle of Palms with my family to celebrate my parents’ birthdays. My Dad is turning 50 this year! I will be sure to post about it after the festivities.

Have a great week!

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capital city eatz

Check out our updated look and new post about Saki Tumi Grill here!

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football season

Football season is finally here! This year I got my own tailgating spot and am excited to prepare some delicious tailgating feasts and play corn hole with friends.


Lowcountry Boil was our choice for the first game. Potatoes, corn, sausage, and shrimp + Old Bay seasoning. So good!

The Allen brothers were able to join me this game! David (bf), Justin, and Luke. The Gamecocks played Navy and, although we had some trouble pulling it out, we won! Had a great time and can’t wait for the next game!

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capital city eatz

Check out this new blog project my boyfriend David and I started. We are going around to all (or at least some) of the local restaurants of Columbia and posting our opinions of each!

Go to and let us know what you think! I would appreciate your feedback.

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