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cheers to 25 years

On Thursday (Sept 26), my main squeeze turned a quarter of a century years old.

Cheers to 25 Years

I had Happy Sign Surprise (based in the Queen City) come out and put up the small signs you see pictured above…David loved it! It was a great cost-effective way to do something special. Thanks Happy Sign Surprise…and happy birthday David!

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may days of summer

How crazy is it that August is already here? Shops have started putting out their Fall clothes and back-to-school sale ads are everywhere. In college, the start of August meant that it was time to move back into the dorm, reunite with friends and start classes. Now that I am in the working world, I feel like everything is happening around me and since I don’t go to school or have kids, life is just proceeding on as normal. I do miss buying back-to-school supplies and the excitement of new classes and new school year, but I am enjoying sitting on the sidelines and watching from a distance just enough.

Just because I mentioned that the transition from July ↠ August hasn’t meant much to me, doesn’t mean I haven’t had a lot going on this summer. Quite the opposite actually…

The first couple weekends in May were spent at graduations and weddings. It is wedding season, after all!

First up, we went to Caroline and PJ’s wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I became great friends with Caroline playing with her on the USC Club Tennis team. We have so many college memories together, and I was so glad that David and I were there with her while she made one of her most important ones. Congratulations to Caroline and PJ!

The Zitos

Zito Wedding

Zito Wedding

David caught the garter and had no idea what it was.

Zito Wedding

Zito Wedding

Next was Jacob’s Graduation from high school. He has grown into quite the young man and I was so glad I was able to be there to support him on his big day.

Jacob Graduation

Jacob Graduation

Shortly after – actually the same exact night of Jacob’s graduation – I got to celebrate the wedding of my oldest friend Lindsey Wilder Mazzola! Unfortunately I had to miss the ceremony because I was at the graduation, but I still got to partake in the wedding festivities at our neighborhood country club.

Me and Lindsey

This picture is of Lindsey and me at Medieval Times on a 4th grade field trip. My oh my have things changed since then!

This picture is of Lindsey, me and my other oldest (and best!) friend Niki. It was so good to celebrate together!

During all of the hustle and bustle of weddings and graduations, David got a new job in the city and moved into a great house with his friends Brock and Ian. His backyard is fantastic. They even have a bamboo “jungle” in the very back to separate their yard from the neighbors. He loves his new job — I am so proud of him!

David Backyard

Shopping for Work Clothes

Looking forward to seeing how well he does at this new company.

Thats it for May!


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birthday weekend in iop

Good morning! I hope you all had fabulous weekends.

This past January – the 18th to be exact – I turned 23! The night of my birthday, I drove to Columbia to watch my little brother Jake play in a big basketball game, but not before celebrating a delicious dinner with my family at one of my favorite Soda City restaurants, Rossa Trattoria. My beau David and I then drove back here to the Queen City for birthday drinks at a new spot called the Stache House. How rad is the name? Work hard stache hard everyone.

The weekend after, I traveled to Isle of Palms to celebrate the big 2-3 with David, his brother Luke and my oldest and dearest friend Niki. Here are some pictures we took during the weekend…

french toast

polar bear plunge

isle of palms

15 grand pavillion

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jump around

In my opinion, you are never too old to play around on a playground and jump around! The other day, my boyfriend David and I did just that. And brought along my camera of course.

On the Swingset

Pictures taken in Latta Park, Charlotte, NC.

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clemson v virginia tech

My weekend was a blast! On Friday David and I headed over to Clemson, South Carolina to watch the Tigers take on the Hoakies. My sister and 2 best friends AND boyfriend all went to Clemson, so it was nice to see them all there. We all live in different locations so it is always a great time when we can all get together. My family was also able to attend the game, making it extra special because we all also live in different places. Here are some pictures from the trip…

David and Me

Me with Niki and Kelley

Me with my family

Death Valley

I hope you all had fantastic weekends too!

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Happy Friday! This weekend I am taking David to a cool spot in the mountains to do outdoorsy things like fish and explore waterfalls. Hoping to get some pictures and relax after a solid 2 weeks of travelling for work. The weather forecast calls for thunderstorms, so I am hoping to get some cool pictures of the storm over the mountains.

I hope you have something fun planned too!

In the meantime…

I’ve been really into Paper Fashion’s illustrations lately..

Minimalist Tumblr themes.

Jewelry handmade by Rachel Ball…beautiful.

Did you know they had twins?

Would love to put this up in my first home.

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allen family mountain week

A couple weekends ago, I travelled with David and his family to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. We stayed in an adorable cabin at what seemed to be the top of a mountain and ate, drank wine and spent time outdoors. And the best part? No phone service. It was remarkable.

Asheville Mountains

Asheville Cabin

David Backpack

David Smile

David has such a charming family. I am so lucky to get to spend time with them and enjoy their company. I can’t wait for my next vacation with them!

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forever to thee


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how I spent my easter weekend

Easter Weekend Collage

Friday//Pizza and Volleyball at sunset out at Sullivan’s Island

Saturday//Family Circle Cup Semifinals on Daniel Island & Easter Vigil Mass

Sunday//Soccer and Piña Coladas on the beach at Isle of Palms

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David Haircut

So this is me cutting David’s hair. I THINK I did a pretty good job, but I feel like men’s haircuts always look kind of silly. I usually like his hair right before it goes on the chopping block…he was blessed with a lot of it! I always thought that cutting a man’s hair would be easy, but it was definitely harder than cutting a woman’s. All of those layers! Ah what a nightmare.

Also notice how tame and straight my hair looks here. Hm. It was definitely a holiday because that NEVER happens!

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