I thrive on ambition, good design, art, music and curiosity. I lead an adventurous life full of travel, creativity and art, with my work being reflective of these experiences.

Thank you for stopping by! I am currently a project manager at a full-service marketing agency in Charlotte, NC. During my spare time, I work with small business owners and managers to develop their brand identities. My roles vary based on the project, but key responsibilities usually include: logo design, overall identity development, website design and development, SEO and social media management.

Recent projects:

// udu | {website design and development}
// Capital City Eatz* | {logo design, overall brand identity, website design and dev}
// bohemian | {logo design, overall brand identity}
// Jake’s Bar | {logo re-design, website design and development}
// Pavlov’s Bar | {website design and development}
// Sweetgrass Embroidery | {logo design}

Much of my energy goes into these projects in addition to physical activity, health/self-improvement and spending time with my friends, boyfriend David and family.

I hope you enjoy what I share and are inspired by what I have to offer! ☆★★

*no longer actively maintained