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honore loft chicago

Builder: design-build loft in wicker park, utilizing reclaimed materials and working with the clients to achieve their desired sense of style

Photos by Clayton Hauck for Builder // discovered over at More Design Please 

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Tomorrow I will be heading out of the country for vacation with my family! We are visiting Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti and Grand Cayman and I could not be anymore excited. Here are some pics and links from around the web to keep you occupied while I am gone…

Ginger Campari Slushies

I'm Outta Here


Custom Luggage Tags



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kadee leopard


What I wore them with…


I am proud to say I am a new Crocs owner! I never expected to be one of “those” people, but I saw these in Belk and instantly fell for them. They look nice enough to wear to work, but are Crocs material so you can wear them in the rain or to the beach/pool too. They are going to be perfect for our cruise next week. Plus they are only $34.99…..nice.

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