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capital city eatz

Check out this new blog project my boyfriend David and I started. We are going around to all (or at least some) of the local restaurants of Columbia and posting our opinions of each!

Go to and let us know what you think! I would appreciate your feedback.

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This guy knows how to mix…


Check out his other mixes and download some of his MP3s at Pogo.

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temp tats

Today I came across a cool site called Tattly that sells quirky & creative temporary tattoos.

The site features 15 different temporary tattoos ranging from robots to scribbles. If I had the choice, I would either buy the watch one…

the knuckle letters ones…

or all of them!

They are all just so fun! The watch tattoo would be a great gift for a friend that is always late!

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all good weekend

Starting tonight at midnight, I am going to be embarking on an incredible journey starting with the Harry Potter 7: Part 2 movie premiere and ending in Masontown, WV. My friends and I are going to All Good Music Festival this weekend and I am stoked! I cannot wait to listen to live music with great friends on the top of a mountain. Surreal!

This year’s lineup features some well-known artists, but most of the lineup is dominated by artists I have never heard of. The big headliners include: Pretty Lights, moe., Umphrey’s Mcgee, STS9, and John Butler Trio. I am also excited about seeing Rebelution, Big Gigantic, and Zach Deputy. Can’t wait to discover some new music and expand my iTunes library.

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summer nights

Home from the north and enjoying a night by our firepit and pool with friends and family. Weather is beautiful, lake looks beautiful, and life is good. Excited to see my good friends in charleston this weekend!

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big people in small spaces

I am the smallest in my family of 6 weighing in at a whopping (??) pounds at 5’9″ (give or take). I have an insanely tall family. My little brother is only 16 and is already 6’4″ and ever-growing, and my sisters are both over 5’10”. Woah. My dad was asked to play football in college and definitely has the build to fit the part. PLUS we all look exactly alike, making us the perfect target for “paparazzi” aka locals/tourists who are baffled by how big my family is. “Hm I wonder where they are from? They certainly aren’t from america” and “Wow I’ve never seen a pair of quadruplets in person before” are thoughts they are always thinking so obviously we can almost hear them. Sometimes when we are asked our story, it’s almost second nature now to tell them, “Yes, we are quadruplets and come from some island off the coast of Italy.” “Woah, really?” “Yeah, one of those exotic private ones.”

So anyway, we are currently leaving the big city and heading back down to South Carolina. If you paid attention in 5th grade, you’d know that South Carolina is REALLY far from New York. Like, a 12 hour drive. Now add that to the aforementioned size of my family and again, using the skills acquired in 5th grade, you’d end up with 6 people over 5’9″ in a car for 12 hours.

Yeah…I know what you are thinking and you are right…

…it’s super fun.

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times square cheesin

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