how to setup a wordpress blog

I use WordPress to run this blog, building off of the Responsive theme and customizing it down to the very last pixel, all myself. Its so much fun – and I’d love to share more of how I did it with you. Here are the steps:  Read more ›

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something new

I go back-and-forth with myself about which of my many interests I should focus on and feature through this site. Up to this point, I have placed an emphasis on design, fashion and my life in Charlotte. What you may or may or not know, is that I am an absolute geek and am also very interested in technology, web/blog development and self-improvement. I am going to take a shot at featuring more about these interests on August Every Month. I feel as if these topics are more useful and would prove to be more interesting and beneficial to my target readers..I hope you like this new direction!

AEM leaf

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which browser should i use?

There are many web browsers out there..many of which are outdated yet so many people still use them because they don’t understand how much better the browsing experience could be if they just updated or switched!  The four main browsers are Internet Explorer (the default for PCs), Safari (the default for Macs), Firefox and Chrome. I could get into the details of the pros and cons of each browser, but I am going to skip that because I feel so strongly about one of them…


In my opinion, Chrome outperforms its competitors in all arenas - interface design, speed and functionality. While the other three are improving quickly, Chrome continues to outweigh overall. I will say that I have not used Internet Explorer in quite some time, and that Firefox does offer some features that Chrome does not, but as I mentioned, overall Chrome is better for my daily browsing activities. Here are some of the reasons I love Chrome:  Read more ›

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free download | desktop background || 2

I came across this quote by Walt Whitman the other week and it became an immediate favorite. And of course I had to turn it into a desktop background…

AEM We Were Together

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Tonight, I am hosting my first guests through Airbnb. If you’ve never heard of it…..

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

I travel for either work or play most weekends and often during the week, so I wanted to rent my place out for a little extra income while I am away. It has forced me to finish decorating the place (it has been 6 months since I moved in, after all!) and keep the place clean so that not much work has to go into preparing and cleaning the apartment for guests every weekend. The only thing I am concerned about is people stealing my personal belongings…it is definitely a practice in trust!

Living Room

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free download | desktop background || 1

So I absolutely love posting desktop calendar backgrounds – its actually one of my favorite posts on August Every Month. Unfortunately, its getting too difficult to keep up with it every single month. As an alternative, I am going to lose the “calendar” aspect of the backgrounds and just post backgrounds that I design that I would love to share, at any time of the month!

Desktop Background 1

I am starting out with a very simple one inspired by this “frontdrop” by Michelle Edgemont for my favorite blogger Bri at D E S I G N L O V E F E S T. I hope you enjoy!

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stroll through the queen city

Everyday, my beau and I take a walk through my neighborhood, sometimes switching it up by taking a stroll through the Queen City. Today we chose to walk during rush hour because we wanted to feel the energy of the hustle and bustle of everyone heading home for the evening. Here are some shots I captured during our stroll…






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amelia island

I hope you all had fantastic weekends! I spent the weekend here in the Queen City working on DIY projects for my apartment and visiting farmers markets. I also discovered two great restaurants, Luna’s Living Kitchen and Fern. Both very healthy and fresh. Ever been?

February was a busy busy month. I went to visit family up in Jersey, flew down to Amelia Island for a couple days at the Ritz for a work trip and enjoyed a relaxing weekend in the mountains of Valle Crucis with good friends. This is my favorite shot from my time in Amelia Island. More pictures of my February experiences coming later this week.

Amelia Island - August Every Month

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birthday weekend in iop

Good morning! I hope you all had fabulous weekends.

This past January – the 18th to be exact – I turned 23! The night of my birthday, I drove to Columbia to watch my little brother Jake play in a big basketball game, but not before celebrating a delicious dinner with my family at one of my favorite Soda City restaurants, Rossa Trattoria. My beau David and I then drove back here to the Queen City for birthday drinks at a new spot called the Stache House. How rad is the name? Work hard stache hard everyone.

The weekend after, I traveled to Isle of Palms to celebrate the big 2-3 with David, his brother Luke and my oldest and dearest friend Niki. Here are some pictures we took during the weekend…

french toast

polar bear plunge

isle of palms

15 grand pavillion

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freakin weekend

August Every Month Freekin Weekend

What is everyone going to be up to this weekend? I will be driving to my hometown to watch my little brother play in a big high school soccer game and am coming back to the Queen City on Sunday and doing a much-needed deep clean of my apartment. Until then…

↠ ↠ ↠

Marnie from Girls can sing! ♬♬♬

Have you heard of the Lost Type Co-Op?

Hermoine has a BRO!

Currently, my mattress is on the floor. Low beds: Do or Don’t?

DIY craft of the month subscription!

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